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Essentials Canopy Standing

Our most popular covered standing option is our Essentials Stand.

Key Features:

  • 2.1 metre high back
  • 2 metre deep roof
  • Added stability with beams of 120mm x 80mm
  • Comes in 2.5 metre or 3 metre wide section

Built with budget in mind.

There’s no need for an expensive base, as the stand is supported by 1 metre deep sockets to the rear.

Terraced Covered Standing.

Designed with scope, for more flexibility.

This stand comes in sections though we can also offer terraced structures that are 3 metres deep with 4 rows and come at either 160mm step height or 250mm for an enhanced spectator view with handrails included as required.

Barriers can be included and these structures are 3 metres high – this means they can easily be converted to covered seating at a later date.

We can provide bespoke covered standing solutions in steel or brick/concrete to fit into whatever space you have available.