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On spectator accommodation, much will depend on your appetite for permanent fixtures or temporary stands, both of which we can provide or arrange, based on your planning approval which is generally required for any fixed building more than 2 metres high. Your budget will also determine the nature of accommodation and if you want concrete stepped bases and the nature of the back, roof and frontage in respect of the weather – we would always recommend that the stand faces out to the east where possible to escape the worst of both the sun and prevailing weather in the UK. We will also provide spaces for Disabled spectators and Press seating as required. All of the stands we provide access to are fully compliant with the Safety at Sports Grounds “Green Guide” such as spacing between seats and requirements for crush barriers on standing accommodation. We will work with you in the space available to make sure your stands are suitable for the level at which you participate and are possibly looking to move towards.

The most recent addition to our product range is a 250 seated stand that we put in at Kettering Town, who play in the National League North and are now working with a club that will provide the same 250 seats but with a 2 storey building to the rear which will incorporate glass fronted hospitality boxes with changing rooms underneath.

We will continue to offer our popular “lift & drop” alternatives which are 3 metres deep and are lifted off the side of a hi-ab vehicle. Our covered standing on 4 rows is effectively the seated stand but without the seats, which makes for easy conversion between the 2.

We also worked with Everton Ladies to facilitate their return to Liverpool at Walton Park where we converted covered standing for 500 into covered seating for 250 and placed 2 x 125 seat bolt on structures at either end to create a single structure 50 metres long to accommodate 500 seated fans.

Effectively, whatever you want us to do, we can do.