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Looking for Promotion to Step 4? Apply by November 30th

The amount of work required when moving from an F grade to an E grade by March 31st in the season that you apply, and then a D grade by March 31st in your first season at Step 4 can be quite daunting.

As it stands in the National League system, you will be entering one of 8 leagues all of whom feed a Step 3 league, where the requirements change again.

Below is a summary of what you need to consider with regards to ground grading now and in the future, though naturally this is just a guide and the following link takes you straight to the grading documents themselves.

This link will give you the full requirements for Grades E, D & C in a PDF format. Whilst much of this is clear and unambiguous the use of words “may” and “should” on some areas leave you at the discretion of the ground grading officers, so we would urge you to speak to them before you apply.

In essence the major changes are summarised below: 

Sports Ground Development can help you with ANY of the changes you will need to make to your ground, providing quality, cost- effective solutions.

We also offer a service that will advise on a planning application on your behalf via our architect and provide advice on various grant application processes.

We have put down walkways and pitch barriers at numerous grounds, such as Portland United – we are more than happy for you to use them as a reference point or any of the other club.

You will find a number of testimonials and a comprehensive list of services that we provide here on our website. 

You will need at least a 150 covered seating capacity for your D or E grade. We can again offer you high quality solutions that have been purchased and enjoyed by a number of clubs from different sports such as Rugby & Athletics

We have a huge amount of experience in floodlighting, be it a brand new installation, or just some lamp replacements, we are more than happy to help.

For both Floodlight work and covered standing and seating, we have exclusive contracts with known suppliers.

We also install dug outs, barriers, ball stop netting, perimeter fencing and changing rooms.

We are confident that we can help you to move forward and realise your ambitions.

Please contact us with any of your ground grading queries.